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This is a post. Posts are assigned for news items, blog posts, or anything you want to list on your main blog page. By default, all your posts will show up on your site’s home page. If you want to use a static page as your home page and have a separate page (called Blog, for example), you can change this:

  1. Create your home page, add some content to it and call it Home)
  2. Create an empty page and give it a relevant name (e.g. Blog)
  3. Go to Settings > Reading
  4. In the Front page displays section, select A staic page<
  5. Against Posts page select your home page
  6. Against Posts page select your blog page
  7. Click the Save Changes button

You can edit this posit if you want or just delete it and start your own.

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  1. This is a comment. You can turn comments on or off for your site or for individual posts. You can also specify whether you’ll let anyone comment or if you want to moderate comments. To do this go to Settings > Discussion in your admin screens.

    Delete this comment before launching your site, and wait for your users to make their own!

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