Your Subscription

Updating your personal information

If you need to make changes to the personal billing details you provided when creating your zindolabs membership, such as your address or company name you can do so via your member account. Select info and update your information.

Free zindolabs Accounts

There are two types of zindolabs accounts, those with an active paid membership and those without (free accounts). Users who access zindolabs without a paid account have limited access and cannot browse the complete learning library. Free Accounts Users who create ( or sign in ( to a zindolabs account, but do not have an active membership - Access to our Forum's and most Groups - Allows you to browse the c...

Accessing your payment invoices

Your zindolabs membership payment invoices are available to view and download via "My Membership' 1. Login to your zindolabs account and select the dropdown of your avatar 2. Select the Membership option 3. Then select Payments. Download or review your history. Should you need something further or having difficulty finding the information you need, please reach out to support. (

Accepted payment methods for membership payment

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (via Stripe), and PayPal for membership payments. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any other payment methods (eg: zindolabs credit & earnings, Invoice billing, etc) at this time. Now for group and team accounts, please contact our team directly ( and we can assist with getting you set up.

My credit card failed or isn't working

These things happen! Don't worry though, your account will not be canceled until your payment fails 4 times. If you pay by credit card and you know that your card details have changed then you can go to your account page select the Subscriptions tab and you should see a link to 'Update Billing Details'. Once you change your card details your payment will be processed immediately. If you pay by PayPal please ensure that there are adequate funds in your account so that payment will go through w...

Can I upgrade to an annual membership?

Yes! We'd love to have you upgrade your subscription to an annual membership. To do so please go to your account page and you should see a blue box at the bottom of the page with a link to upgrade. If you don't see this for any reason, just let us know. Your account will be pro-rated to take account of any time you have remaining on your current subscription period, so you will see any payment changes on the checkout page.

Subscribing to zindolabs

In order to access zindolabs Pro Network, you must have an active subscription. Your subscription entitles you to unlimited access to courses, checklists & guides, and 'member only' training content. It is charged in advance, starting from the date you subscribe. Your subscription will automatically renew, either monthly or annually, on the anniversary of the date you first subscribed. You can cancel at any time, however, you must have an active subscription to continue using any of our training...