Electronic Tax Documents

US Tax Information

When partnering with zindolabs which is based in the US or selecting USD as your base currency, you will need to submit an electronic tax document to zindolabs.com.

Note: If you are a non-US affiliate working only with non-US brands, this screen is not applicable.

Which form should you choose?

If you are an individual or company based in the US and are partnering with us, you’ll need to submit a W9 form.

If you reside outside of the US and are doing business with US-based companies, you will need to submit a W8-BEN form if you are an individual, or a W8-BEN-E if you represent a business entity.

Tax form differences

zindolabs.com requires you to submit one of the following tax forms electronically:

  • Form W-9 for all affiliates based in the United States (for all individuals and entities).
  • Form W-8BEN for individuals not in the United States partnered with our brands based in the United States (i.e., you’re operating by yourself and not operating as an entity in your country).
  • Form W-8BEN-E for entities not in the United States partnered with our brands based in the United States (i.e., you’re operating as an organization or company in your country).


Affiliates based outside the United States (for individuals and entities) partnering with our brands based outside of the United States will not need to submit these Tax Documents and won’t receive an email requesting this.

Submit your tax form

  1. From the options above. Select the tax document that is relevant to you. Download it, fill it out and sign and date it.
  2. Next, take a photo or scan the signed document and send it to affiliates@zindolabs.com.
  3. Please reference your affiliate account email so we can update your account.

You’ll receive an email once we’ve received and approved your tax form.


Make sure your name and mailing address is correct on your submitted tax form, as this is where we mail the Form 1099-MISC at the end of the tax year.

Notes about tax forms

Below is a list of criteria to keep in mind when filling out your W-9 tax form information:

  • Affiliates that aren’t working with our brands based in the United States don’t need to submit a US tax form.
  • The W-9 form needs to be fully completed, signed and dated.
  • Line 1 in the form always needs to be completed even if you have completed line 2.
  • Only one Organization type must be selected.
  • The Company name on the W-9 form needs to match the Beneficiary name in the account under Payout (excluding PayPal).
  • The EIN/SSN number on the W-9 form needs to match the EIN/SSN provided in the account. Reach out to support to confirm that these numbers match.
  • The Organization type on the W-9 form needs to match the Organization type in the account. This can be confirmed under Company Information in the settings section.
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Updated on August 10, 2022