How Can I Refer Affiliate Customers to zindolabs Pro or DFY Services?

Want to refer an existing affiliate customer to zindolabs Pro or our agency services?

Here’s how to get started.

zindolabs Pro Plan: starts at $333/mo and includes additional services that the Plus Plan doesn’t offer. 

Note: If a customer is already an affiliate of yours, no additional work is required. Your customer can just upgrade from their profile inside of zindolabs and you will continue to get credit and the additional commission for their Pro Plan subscription.

IMPORTANT: Existing customers do not get an extra 15-day trial through this upgrade. They will be charged the pro-rated amount or a full month depending on when they upgrade their subscription. 

They will: 

1. Log into their account. 

2. Select their avatar in the right corner.

3. Drop down and select membership → subscription → and select the plan you are upgrading. 

4. Select change plan → then the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

If the existing member wants to retain us to provide Done for You services for them, you can send us an email at ask (at) and we’ll follow up with them. 


Q. What if my customer is on the $99 plan and wants to upgrade to the $333 plan?

A:  At this time, we cannot split the affiliate credit for upgrades to the Pro Plan ($333/month) plan.

Q. If the customer referred to zindolabs Pro is currently not assigned to an affiliate do I get 100% of their commission or just a portion?

A: Since you did not refer this customer to zindolabs, you will only be getting a commission for their zindolabs Pro subscription and upgrade NOT the base subscription. Meaning if you referred a customer to upgrade from the $99 Plus Plan to the $333 Pro Plan you would get 30% of the $234 difference of the upgrade every month they pay their subscription.

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Updated on August 10, 2022