How to Find Your Affiliate Customers in Your Affiliate Portal

How to find your Affiliate Customers in your Affiliate Portal

If you’re an affiliate for zindolabs, chances are you’ve been sharing your referral link with everyone you know to earn some extra cash. 

But what happens when someone finally takes interest and clicks on your link, and you are unsure how to find them in your account later? 

Never fear! Here is a quick guide on how to track down your new customer and ensure that you get credit for the referral.

Log into zindolabs to view your Affiliate Dashboard!

Note: if you do not have an active zindolabs affiliate account yet, you can apply here: zindolabs Affiliate Member Application

If you already have an account, you can log in here.


1. Log in to your Affiliate Portal


2. Select Dashboard on the left menu

The Dashboard will give you a high-level overview of your referrals, visits, conversions, etc. Here you will be able to see if the clicks you are generating are turning into sales.


3. Click on Referrals

Here you will see all of your customers will show that you referred to zindolabs.



4. Visits

Visits are customers who clicked on something you promoted and came to a page/post or link to explore things further.  It will also reflect the date and if the visitor converted into a sale. 



5. Payouts & Cancelled/Refunds

The Payouts Tab is your current referral customer with an active subscription. 

This is where you will be able to see active customers, canceled, and any refunds that have been issued.

Still can’t find your referral? Click here to contact support and get more help!



Q: I referred an existing customer to zindolabs Pro. Why aren’t they showing in my referrals?

A: When you refer an existing customer to zindolabs Pro they become a split customer. They will not show in your referrals because you are not the original affiliate that brought them to zindolabs. However, when they pay their upgraded subscription for zindolabs you will see the commission from that customer in your rewards tab along with that customer’s email.

If you want to confirm that you are a split affiliate for a customer you referred to Pro. Reach out to support, with the link above!

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Updated on August 10, 2022